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With Escape Campus you can study whenever and wherever you want! We commit to creating equal and earnest opportunities through interactive and innovative learning techniques; focusing on clear communication and establishing confidence in individuals to promote equality and diversity within a global community.

Feedback Courses in Oxford Street

Feedback Courses in Oxford Street

A Global Community

Committed to vocational-based learning, we Promise to pursue a global community, Promoting equality and diversity,Providing a better quality of life for individuals and Educational innovation. We are unstoppable, and we are waiting for you! Join the Escape Campus today!


You can find us in the heart of London, the capital city of the UK and in Bari, in the Southeast of Italy. View our locations below.

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Feedback Courses in Oxford Street

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Feedback Courses in Oxford Street

Why the UK?

As the birthplace of the English language, the UK is the perfect place to study English and discover the fascinating history and culture that makes Britain such a special place. From the moment you arrive, you will be immersed in the English language and have to develop your skills as quickly as possible.

Why London?

Going shopping, going to the pub, or even just exploring London you will encounter new vocabulary and have hundreds of opportunities to practice conversation naturally. You will gain independence, responsibility, confidence and fantastic communication skills exploring this exciting country, the cities and their culture.

Feedback Courses in Oxford Street

Feedback Courses in Oxford Street

Why us?

Students from all over the world visit London to learn English. Make international friends for life from every corner of the world. Come join us to discover British culture and see what the UK has to offer you.

We are accredited by
The British Council. for
teachingh English in the UK

The scheme gives an assurance of quality to international students who are taking or are planning to take an English language course in the UK.

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