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British Slang words

British Slang words you should know People say that you never really learn a language until you live in a country that speaks it. There are lots of reasons for this. For example, you’ll be forced to practice the language all day every day, every…

Food, Borough Market London
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Best London Markets

Markets have always been incredibly important throughout London’s History. It is still one of the best things to do in London. Whether you are looking for street food, antiques, flowers or fashion items, taking a trip to the market will forever be the best way…

5 ways to learn English
Learn English

5 ways to Learn English

“How do I learn English outside the classroom?” As a teacher, I’m often asked this question by my students and the short answer is: by using what you have learned in lessons as much as possible in your everyday life. Sure, studying hard in lessons…

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Best Museums in London

London is famous because of its culture. It holds more than 200 museums and galleries.  Including the British Museum voted as one of the most important museums in the world. The best part? Most of them are for free.   You have a lot of…