Easter is the best excuse for eating chocolate for a whole weekend without feeling guilty, or going for an Easter egg hunt. No matter how you celebrate Easter, there is no doubt that hunting down chocolate has become a famous tradition in the UK. In fact, 80 million Easter eggs are sold in the UK yearly.

Let the good times roll, because we are bringing you the most traditional things to do over Easter in the United Kingdom.

Easter Egg hunt

There is evidence that even Queen Victoria used to do egg hunts in Kensington Palace when she was a child in the 19th century.  

You can be a part of easter egg hunts in parks, castles, historical places or many restaurants in London. These public events are organised with clues and puzzles that will help participants to find delicious treats. There are always plenty of activities for kids like  workshops, face painting and easter trials, to mention a few.

Hampton Court Palace

Follow the hunt trail maps that will take you to the Historic Royal Palace and its famous gardens. Those whom solve the quizzes and discover the famous characters of the statues of the past will win (Spoiler Alert: The winners get a Lindt Gold Bunny!)

The National Trust

Bunnies had been hiding eggs all over the UK. Join the nature trail organised by Cadburys and The National Trust. They are also organising activities for kids, like crafts, games or face painting.     

Check their website to find the event location nearest to you.

London rolling eggs

Celebrated on Easter Sunday, decorating eggs and then rolling them down the hill is a tradition in the United Kingdom, and the winner is the person that rolls their egg the furthest without breaking it. There is also a prize for the best-decorated egg.

The most famous races are outside London, but you can get there easily by train.

Preston Egg Rolling

Perfect for a family day out. Workshops, street art and live music are some of what’s included in this Festival that takes part every year in Preston.
Avenham Park, PR1 8JT

Devil’s Dyke

Bring your boiled egg and try your luck rolling it down the hill. The best decoration gets prizes too.
Nr Brighton, West Sussex

Visit chocolate shops

Easter is the best excuse to eat the delicious dark stuff for a whole week and not feel guilty about it. In London, there are some interesting chocolate shops, where the smell will delight you from the moment you step into the shop.

Dark sugars

The founder, who has a big passion for cocoa went to Latin America and Africa to learn about chocolate and bring the best flavours to London.

Enjoy hot chocolate, cocktails and different chocolate bites that bring this boutique shop its special aroma.  
Brick Lane


Luxury handmade chocolates – this shop is famous for its designs and the works of art they create with chocolate, sculpturing almost anything you can fantasize about.

Paul a Young

This chocolatier has won an important space in the chocolate scene in the UK. For his appearances on TV, or the awards he has received for his books, it’s given him a position in the Independent’s Top 50 cookbooks.
Don’t miss the chance to see beautiful pieces of chocolate, full of art and different designs.

Did you know the real story behind Easter egg??

Have you ever wondered about the significance of bunnies? and eggs? at Easter? Our teacher ?‍?Jake is here to answer this question we all have had once and shows us the best ideas to celebrate easter! Egg rolling, Egg dances, Egg hunts or Egg tapping? Which one is your favourite way of celebrating Easter??

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