If you are a traveller or you ever lived in a different country, you have probably felt lost or you have misunderstood things. In big cities, this can happen frequently and London is no exception. Here you will find some common mistakes and tips that will save you a few headaches when you come and visit.

1.You are going to spend A LOT of time on public transportation. 

 You plan everything perfectly before your flight, you try to have a look at the tube map and work it out, you think you have the perfect plan right? Anyway, did you consider that going from one end of London to the other takes a huge amount of time.

The best tip in this case is to understand the Tube system by downloading ”Google maps” or ”Citymapper”. These two apps are great and they will to help you calculate precisely how much time you spend on transports, they provide suggestions for your journeys and notify you of delays or disruptions. 

So don’t overplan your trip and try to visit places concentrated in one area at a time. 

2.Don’t rely on Trip Advisor or review on the Internet.

People are generally concerned about reviews when it comes to eating, having a drink or seeing attractions around the capital. You should not rely completely on reviews you find on the Internet. Firstly, reviews are not always genuinely true. Most of the time, you read a bad review and then visit place anyway

 You will realize that is cool overall. So, you can’t avoid a nice place just because a 1 star review. That is not fair. Secondly, you will always find bad reviews even in the most brilliant landmarks of London. So it is useless from this point of view.

 3.Don’t confuse monuments’ names

Tower Bridge is a London landmark; it’s towers are incredible and it will leave you speechless. There is no doubt that Tower Bridge is the most photographed bridge in London. However, people usually mistake it for London Bridge. But don’t worry, this happens  even with those who might have lived in London all their lives!

Also, The British Museum should be the first place that pops up in you mind when you think about London’s culture and art. There are  roughly 8 million works listed in the museum collection which is the largest collection of it’s kind. On the other hand, the Museum of London is all about the history of the city of London, including Roman London, the plague, The Great Fire, WWII and modern London. 

Finally, but still good to know. Big Ben is not the clock tower but is the bell inside the clock tower whereas the tower itself is called Elizabeth Tower or, more simply, the clock tower. So make sure to be specific when you are looking for a place to visit.

 4.Escalator Rules

This is something that happens continuously (mainly with tourists) and you will notice it when you use the tube upon arrival in London. 

When travelling on the escalators on the underground, people should stand on the right side. It is done for a good reason because it allows people in a rush to walk up or down the escalator on the left hand side.

Londoners get quite upset when people don’t follow this rule!So stand on the right,  If you’re travelling with luggage or backpack, make sure they are as close as possible to you so you don’t obstruct the way.

5.Ordering food and drinks at the pub

Pubs are not restaurants. So a simple tip if you’re visiting a London pub, or any pub in the UK, go to the bar to order drinks. There is no service at the table in most pubs and It may sound silly but this is going to save precious time when you want a quick bite to eat. The same goes for ordering food. If you fancy some nice food and a pint why don’t you visit a Weatherspoon pub? These pubs are quite cheap and they run menus offer on daily basis. You could fill your belly with 6 pounds.

The full English breakfast is a quite large meal, so make sure you have a big appetite before you order one. Also steaks and burgers are something that you should try. These are  delicious options and the best way to start a day in London. 

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