Both travellers and locals are obsessed with finding a bargain. Especially now when you can only afford an avocado and a cappuccino with a 20 pound note in Central London. Here are some cheap but cool restaurants that will definitely save you a heart attack when the bill arrives at the table.

1. MISATO (CHINATOWN, LONDON). Located in the heart of London Chinatown, Misato (female who makes typos!) restaurant is one of the most popular and bustling Japanese restaurants in the area. Misato restaurant is warm and cosy and the food has a unique Japanese taste that you will love! You’ve got to taste the rice noodles, the Katsu Don (Pork Cutlet in breadcrumbs) and sashimi. The place has got a simple and authentic Japanese style. Also, the service is quick so it is worth a stop even i f you don’t have much time.

2. THE ENGLISH BREAKFAST CLUB (SOHO, ANGEL, SPITALFIELDS LONDON). With several locations around the capital, The English Breakfast Club is a must go if you fancy scrambled eggs or pancakes. This cafe specialises in making the most important meal of the day and it makes one of the best breakfasts in London. Friendly staff and an incredible selection of savoury and sweet options will start your day in a great mood. The Breakfast Club is a small place but, as soon as you arrive, you feel at home. The signature dishes include their world-famous pancakes with a variety of toppings as well as chorizo hash, avocado & poached egg. If you are around and about in Soho, Spitalfields or Angel, think about popping in. Prices are reasonable. For example, an average English Breakfast Tea will only be £2.50.

3. PRINCI PIZZERIA (SOHO) Who’s in the mood for Pizza? Princi Pizzeria has a quite spacious and welcoming room, with a sandstone interior and long black counters. There is a great variety of food which makes it difficult to make a decision. As a result, you’ll feel like you want to go back for more afterwards. You might think that you can only get pizza right? How about cakes, pastries,breads and filled focaccia (parma ham, say, or mortadella), hot dishes (lasagne, aubergine parmigiana) and lots of attractive salads (chicken and avocado, mozzarella and tomato). Prices are higher than average and finding a table may be challenging, but at the end of the day, quality is what matters most.

Try these places if you can and let us know about your experience. We hope you manage to save you some extra pennies in the end.