One of the main reasons students want to learn English is to grow their job prospects but why is speaking English such an important skill to have in order to improve your career?

#1: Speaking English can provide more opportunities

If you learn English, you are tapping in to a new field of job opportunities that were previously unavailable to you. Whether you are living in an English speaking country and are looking to improve your career or you are working for an international company looking to grow your opportunities, speaking English is a skill that employers want.

#2: It gives you an advantage over other candidates

As mentioned, being able to speak English is a sought after skill which Employers want. By having the ability to communicate in English, you will stand out from the other candidates who are applying for the same jobs and are much more likely to be hired.

#3: You can earn more money if you learn English

Being able to speak English will allow you to apply for jobs that require higher skill sets and therefore higher wages. Companies will pay higher wages to people who have desirable skills that they are looking for, so when you have those skills, you can expect to be paid for it.

#4: It shows you are hard working with a good work ethic

Being able to speak a second language is impressive and it shows employers that you have dedicated yourself to something and succeeded. Employers will see that you are a hard worker and have a great work ethic and that will work in your favour when applying for jobs.

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