In the English language, there are some phrases that can seem very strange. This is especially the case with words and phrases used in English workplaces. Below we have provided examples of the most common words and phrases you will hear in business English and what they mean.

Team-playerThis refers to someone who works well in a team.

Example: Anna is doing very well and achieving results, she is a team player.’


Budget- A budget is used to discuss the maximum amount of money that can be spent on something. 

Example: Our monthly budget for this project is £2,000, we can’t spend anymore.’


DeadlineThe deadline refers to the date by which a project/ work should be completed by.

Example: We only have two weeks until the project deadline, let’s start as soon as possible.’


Conference call A call with more than one another person.

Example: ‘Let’s have a conference call with the offices in New York and China to discuss the figures for last month.’


Going forward– This is usually said when referring to the future.

Example: ‘Going forward, we will be having meetings every Friday morning.’


Touch base– This phrase is used when talking about getting in contact with someone who you haven’t spoken to for a while.

Example- ‘I am going to touch base with John and see what ideas he has for the project.’


I have a lot on my plate – This means that you are very busy and have a lot of things to do.

Example: I can’t help you now I have a lot on my plate at the moment, you should ask Sarah.’


Let’s circle back– To discuss something later. 

Example: That’s a good idea, let’s circle back tomorrow morning once we have had time to think about it.’


Think outside the box To come up with creative ideas which are not normal.

Example:We are not getting a lot of results from our campaigns so we need to think outside of the box for new ideas.’


Back to square one- To start again after a failed attempt.

Example- The boss didn’t like our ideas for the project so we are back to square one.’


Understanding the words and phrases used when it comes to business English is essential and will help you further your career. To learn more about our business English courses, contact us.