The modern age of learning, watching, listening and living is online. These past two years have certainly taught us that. Zoom meetings, zoom drinks, Microsoft teams, Microsoft memes – it’s all been online for the last two years. Even Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are at it with the new Metaverse. We really can live online if we want to.

So how has this affected the way we learn? Are you still hesitant to learn a language online with online classes? The online world can seem disconnected from the real world. It can seem scary if you aren’t confident online. So, let me persuade you that online learning is probably for you – whether you think so or not. Here are five reasons to choose online learning.


  1. Anywhere, anytime.

The beauty of online learning is that no matter where you are in the world, you can join a class with classmates in completely different countries. It’s the perfect choice for the travelling English learner – someone who doesn’t stay in one place for very long.

Also, online lectures and lessons are almost always recorded, so you can re-watch if you missed or need a refresh.


  1. Efficiency

Online teaching can be one of the most efficient ways to teach a class. As a teacher, you are able to share exercises as files, play videos or podcasts and use the screen sharing function to make lessons vibrant and interesting visually. You can make a lesson look much better when you have a computer and not just a whiteboard and pen.

This means, as a student and a language learner, lessons can be much easier to consume and all you have to do is sit there, take it in and do the exercises.


  1. Which learning style suits you?

Some students are visual learners, meaning they learn by seeing images and memorable thing happen in front of them. Others can be auditory learners, meaning they learn by sound, and some students can even learn by movement. Some people prefer big groups, with lots of interaction; some prefer small, intimate classes with more teacher to student time.

The beauty of the online class is that it is so much easier for teachers to personalise their classes and the learning experience; it can be suited to each student.


  1. People come class no matter what.

Have you ever been in a class where each week, the amount of people attending gets less and less? Well, that’s because in-person classes require travel, time and effort. An online class is as easy as opening up your laptop (you don’t even have to wear trousers!).

This means that more students will probably attend the class, providing a richer learning environment. It’s also easier for you after a long hard day at work.


  1. Money!

It’s a fact. Online classes are cheaper. For an online class to run, schools don’t have to pay for rent, electricity or other expenses it costs to open up a building. Therefore, online classes cost less. So if you’re looking for a great learning experience at a lower price, online classes could be the option for you!


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